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Service - installation of conditioners

Delivery cost - it is free within
Payment kinds: to cash, non-cash.

Installation of split-systems should be spent by the qualified experts with use of the special tool.

Experts of company "Klimatron" will help you to choose model of the conditioner corresponding to requirements of your premise, and also a site of internal and external blocks. at standard installation the external block is established directly under a window so that its top edge was not above window sill level. the internal block is established on a wall adjoining a window, thus the distance between external and internal blocks should not exceed 5 metres.
Time of the beginning of installation is co-ordinated by the client and the representative of assembly group.

  if you had questions, call - our employees will help to be defined with purchase.
To specify the prices it is desirable by phone as in the price-list discounts are not specified. on non-standard situations you can receive the offer, having caused our manager on object.

To the beginning of installation the client should provide:

  • The easy approach to a window from which installation of the external block and possibility of full opening of this window will be made;
  • The easy approach to a wall site on which the internal block and decorative a box with communications and a power cable will settle down;
  • From a room in which installation will be made to clean or cover all subjects and surfaces which the brick or concrete dust and a small crumb can damage.
Non-standard installation represents installation taking into account additional requirements of the client. for example, installation of the external block sideways or over a window, fastening of external communications to a wall, increase in total length of communications etc.
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Guarantee and service of conditioners.

In a current of a warranty period the buyer has the right to free elimination of the malfunctions caused by factory defect of the equipment, or poor-quality assembly / service works. guarantee certificates do not include preventive maintenance - cleaning of filters, heat exchangers and drainage system of conditioners.
The service service of our company carries out repair and maintenance service of central airs. are made both single repair-preventive works, and periodic service. at maintenance service complex check of system and debugging without replacement of details and equipment knots, preventive works are spent.
Service cost is valid for split-systems of small and average capacity - to 5 kw inclusive. at capacity from 5 to 10 kw service cost pays off with factor 1,5. from 10 kw to 20 kw - with factor 1,8. in other cases service cost is defined proceeding from type, indicators of capacity and quantity of internal blocks. thus it is supposed that access to the external and internal block is possible without use of services of the industrial climber and the special equipment.

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The contract conclusion on service is made after carrying out of primary diagnostics of the equipment.

The kinds of works which are carried out at service of conditioners:

  • Cleaning of air filters of conditioners;
  • Cleaning of drainage system;
  • Check of absence of leak of freon;
  • Check of absence of a frost deposit on the evaporator;
  • Check of clips of all contact connections;
  • Check of a condition of cables, wires, contacts, a drainage, etc.;
  • Check of size of pressure of power supplies;
  • Control of temperature of dry air;
  • Control of temperature of dry air on an input in the evaporator;
  • Control of temperature of dry air from the evaporator;
  • Check of average pressure ;
  • Refuelling of system by freon (necessarily).

The climatic equipment.

Portable conditioner

External conditioner

House conditioner

Internal conditioner

Office conditioner

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