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The channel conditioner (it sometimes not absolutely correctly name The central conditioner) is established for pendant or a ceiling which completely hides the internal block. distribution of cooled air is carried out on system air lines which also take place in interceiling space. thanks to such design channel conditioners can cool at once some premises. typical capacity of these conditioners makes 12  25 kw that is enough for cooling of small office or 4  5 room apartments.

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Basic difference of the channel conditioner from other split-systems  in possibility of giving of fresh air in the volumes necessary for high-grade ventilation of conditioned premises.
 Thus, use of one channel conditioner allows to solve problems as ventilation, and air-conditioning of the whole office, apartment or a cottage. it is necessary to take care only of correct calculation of air exchange, selection of the conditioner for capacity of cooling and static pressure, to provide installation of an electric or water heater for heating of external air during winter time

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