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The given models also consist of the external block and the internal block in the form of a column.

Internal blocks well look in the big premises: halls, restaurants, halls. management is carried out from a remote control or from the control panel on a column. hlado/teploproizvoditelnost makes usually 6-14 kw.

A work principle:

The internal block is established on a floor, the external block is out of a cooled premise.


For premises of great volume where there is no false ceiling or it is undesirable to touch walls and a ceiling.

The basic modes and options:

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Drainage.


  • The powerful conditioner for the big premises in which floor installation is preferable;
  • Panel du: convenient management and indication of parametres.

Recommendations to application:
Halls of hotels, shops, conference halls, restaurants, the cinemas, special premises (server rooms with big etc.)

Features of installation (installation):

All communications between blocks and the electric system can be hidden in a wall, for this purpose in a wall becomesif for any reasons a wall it is not desirable, all communications are cleaned in a plastic decorative box. the drainage as a rule, is deduced on street or in the water drain.

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