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That such the conditioner, what such split-system?
The conditioner is a device household or the industrial function, intended for maintenance optimum Temperatures In a premise (as a rule, it is +22... +24).
The conditioner (split-system) consists of blocks: external and internal. the external block is established outside of a premise (outside of a building), the internal block - in a conditioned premise. external and internal blocks systems incorporate among themselves copper tubes in a thermal protection, a food and management cable. from the internal block of the conditioner drainage tap is required.

It is possible to connect to one external block some the internal. the given variant of the conditioner is called multisplit-system.

There are monoblock conditioners in which internal and external blocks are located in one case. monoblock conditioners are subdivided into window and mobile conditioners.

Window conditioners Mobile conditioners

The greatest distribution conditioners (split-systems) with the internal block of wall type.
Depending on execution of the internal block have received conditioners are subdivided on wall, channel, ceiling, cassette, columned and some other.

Advantages of split-systems
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Lacks of split-systems
Of split-system demand assembly and starting-up and adjustment works, on occasion the expensive. it is recommended not to try to perform such works independently, and to involve competent experts.

In what modes the conditioner can work?
Conditioners work with following modes:

1. cooling
2. heating (if there is a function "heating")
3. drainage
4. Ventilation

Where place and internal blocks of split-system?
After the conditioner model will be chosen, it is necessary to solve some questions connected with its placing.
The external block of split-system is established outside of a building or a premise which it is necessary to condition, the internal block accordingly inside.
Internal blocks, as a rule, place on a wall, under a ceiling or in a false ceiling, in the ventilating channel etc. external blocks are mounted out of a conditioned premise, for example on an external wall of a building (as a rule, under a window), on a balcony, on a roof or an attic, in an industrial premise and etc.
It is not recommended to make installation of external blocks on the glazed balconies (if there is opening possibility no balcony or a loggia).

The drainage from the internal block, as a rule, on drainage system arrives on street. if there is a possibility, the drainage system is cut in water drain
At central air choice first of all the quantity superfluous indoors is calculated. the main parametre of the conditioner is productivity on a cold which should be necessarily equal or a bit more quantities of surpluses of heat, otherwise the conditioner will work on deterioration and will serve not for long. when the type and productivity is chosen, it is possible to choose concrete model. now really is from what to choose! first of all we recommend to pay attention to conditioners daikin, conditioners mitsubishi heavy and conditioners mitsubishi electric, in them the most interesting functions and modern technologies are introduced!

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