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Fresh air is necessary for human life. one of the major systems of maintenance of normal conditions of ability to live of the person is ventilation. if it operates together with other climatic systems within all year in premises the comfortable microclimate is supported. as ventilation is called set of actions and the devices used at the organisation of air exchange for maintenance of the set condition of the air environment in premises and on workplaces according to(building norms).

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As ventilation is the difficult technical problem including calculations and designing, selection and installation of equipment, starting-up and adjustment works, consultations of experts are necessary for competent performance of ventilation.

Divide natural and mechanical system of ventilation. in the first case air movement is carried out at the expense of the natural physical reasons by "self-current", in-second air movement the special mechanical ventilating equipment operates. by means of natural ventilation it is not possible to solve many problems of maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in premises, mechanical ventilation therefore is more preferable.

Also ventilation can be divided on and exhaust, and on local or

The ventilation system submits pritochnaja fresh air to premises

Exhaust ventilation takes away from a premise used (, polluted) air. simultaneous installation asand exhaust ventilation is preferable.

At local ventilation there is a giving of fresh air certain places (local forced ventilation) or removal of used or polluted air (local exhaust ventilation). local ventilation is used, mainly, in manufacture.

Ventilation is intended obshcheobmennaja for ventilation realisation in all premise.

For maintenance of ventilation of premises it is the most preferable to use the qualitative equipment. the highest level of execution for today company kanalflakt equipment possesses.

Frequently for maintenance of ventilation of premises the central conditioners are used. use of the given type of the equipment allows to solve simultaneously a problem on delivery or air tap, and a problem on processing of delivered air and its finishing to the necessary standard (temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc.)

The climatic equipment.

Portable conditioner

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House conditioner

Internal conditioner

Office conditioner

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